Organize what?

I’m feeling much better! I have way more energy right now than I’ve felt for the past few weeks. And I think most of that energy comes from two places. Church was great this morning. I love my ladies’ Sunday School class! I’m the youngest by about 15 years, but that’s okay. They’re so encouraging. It was good to be back at Antioch after missing the past two Sundays when I was gone for family visits. I’m so thankful God helped me find such a jewel in that sparsely populated, southern-most part of the county. Almost everyone was there this morning, it seemed, and it made me feel like I was with my family! I guess that’s a good thing, huh?

Another reason I’m energized is that I finally figured out a system for paperwork in my classroom today. You think it sounds silly, but paperwork is one thing they don’t warn you about in your college ed. classes. And I despise paperwork! I’ve always considered myself a fairly organized person (especially as a fourth grader organizing my books by author and creating an inventory and check out list for them) but once I became a teacher I soon discovered that I’m NOT organized. Andi, my colleague who’s been at it for 15 years tells me that it just takes time. Apparently. It is really difficult to organize five different sets of handouts, notes, tests, graded assignments, etc. I’ll take any ideas my teacher friends have to share about the best way to do it.


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