Since the third grade, I’ve had a fascination with football. Blame it on being a tomboy. I would play football at recess with the boys and our third grade teacher, Mr. Steinert (the first one to make me wish to be a teacher!). I felt that the girls were boring! So, my early training came in the form of fights between the boys from which I learned terms such as “blitz” and “running back.” I was usually the running back, and my shining moment came in 4th grade. Mr. Steinert always held a flag football game down at the High School football field so our parents could come and watch us play. I was on the yellow team, and Mr. Steinert handed me the ball and I ran it for a sixty-yard touchdown! Crystal and I were always the only girls that played, and it was fun!

Then, my fascination continued throughout Jr. High and High School, watching the Packers with Grandpa or my brother, attending youth group Super Bowl parties, and always watching NFL Sunday football. In college, I studied the roster for cute, tall boys of course, but I also memorized numbers and yelled as much as possible. (And stormed the field when Sterling broke the 2-year losing streak my sophomore year.)

This evening, the high school team hosted the last regular season game against our rivals from the neighboring county. The game could have been the last, and we knew the team was going to be tough. But, my kids (my Junior and Senior students!) got out there and mowed the grass with the other team 62-16! It was an exciting game, and they all played very well! I loved watching my friends play in college and high school, but nothing compares to watching my students play! This was something I didn’t see coming as a teacher, but I am really enjoying watching these kids in all their activities, especially football. Maybe this is a taste of what it’s like to have children of your own. . .

Anyway, since we won this evening, it’s off to Quivira Heights! I hope they continue to play this well! They’ll really need it to beat the next team! Go T-Wolves!


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