Happy Halloween and Election ’08

One perk of being the Concessions Manager at the school: free leftover popcorn. Perfect for making popcorn  balls for Halloween! All I had to buy was the marshmallows for 1.89. It sure beats three $4 bags of candy! But, the kids don’t seem to agree (barring the pair that just rejoiced when I handed them the popcorn ball) because I’ve heard several moans and groans. [How Rude! Note to self: coach your kids on the proper responses, etc. for trick or treating!]

The election is heating up. That’s probably an understatement since it’s really been going on for two years! But, I’ve really been getting into it over the past few months. When the Obama craze was in full swing this summer, I decided to read “Audacity of Hope” via my car CD player while I traveled to and from Hays. He was very fair and balanced in everything he said. And, he covered nearly all the issues. But, he didn’t really stand up for one side or the other. He just ruminated on both and gave credence to each. I don’t trust the man. His convictions are quite unknown. His associations are questionable at best (Alinsky, Wright, and Ayers). His experience in executive leadership positions is weak. Go McCain!

As a 6th grader (and the nerdy editor of our school-wide newspaper “The Breeze”-in ’96, I got into elections for the first time. Of course, I wanted Dole to win. He’s a Kansan! And, I nearly cried as I watched Clinton give his acceptance speech. Then, I was mostly fascinated with the process and the concept of one person leading our country. Now, three elections later, I’m feeling a lot of urgency, not only for my own beliefs, but for our country. McCain MUST win. Secular progressives cannot be in charge of our nation. I try not to let the forwarded e-mails influence me much, and I always check facts, authors, affiliations, and biases I find in any article I read. McCain MUST win. I wish a lot of people were reading my blog, so I could convince them to vote for McCain. :)


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