Ups and Downs

This weekend, even this day, has been full of ups and downs.


  • I got my tax refund check in the mail Friday. Then, I got my Economic Stimulus check today. Whoo-hoo! I will be able to pay off my Master’s classes before the beginning of next year! Why did it take so long to receive these checks? Let’s just say taxes and I don’t get along…
  • The kiddos did very well on Friday night and Saturday night. They hammed it up, spoke louder, acted more, and tried harder as per our requests. It’s amazing how they’ll come through for you at the last minute!
  • I got a 96% on my Theories of Rhetoric and Composition paper, making my final grade in that class an A! Refund check from my school district coming soon!!
  • My English colleague, Andrea, and her husband David bought me a beautiful boquet of fall flowers on Friday “for all my hard work for the play…”  It was very nice for my work to be recognized!


  • Mom called and informed me of the extra $100 on my cell bill this month. Darn texting! I need to get the My Circle texting plan so Jonathan and I can text without being charged. Mom thinks I text like a college student :)  I blame it on Jonathan’s ups and downs. :)  So there goes part of that stimulus check?
  • There weren’t as many people at the shows as we’d hoped. Could’ve been because the price increased this year…
  • I have to grade Persuasive Essays tomorrow. They really need to be done by Monday. However, now that I think about it, I received them on Wednesday. Shouldn’t I get a week to grade 22 four to eight page essays? I think so….especially during performance week!

Well, that’s the ups and downs. I know they’re really insignificant and mundane to the average person, but, as I tell my mom: “Welcome to my boring existence!”

Here’s an attempt at uploading a photo on WordPress. My flowers:

Aren't they pretty?

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