The West

I felt like I was in the west today. The old west. But, I was only about 30 miles from town! In a place that used to be called Evansville. Betcha don’t know where that’s at in Kansas! Andrea and her husband live out on a 17,000 acre ranch, where David works as a ranch hand.  I went out and spent the afternoon with them, and they gave me a tour. The land is full of butte-like outcroppings (I’ve always wanted to use outcroppings in a sentence), towering hills, and a small river that runs through it. We went up to one high spot that looks like a hill but then drops STRAIGHT down to a river, and David said that it was the highest straight drop off in Kansas. The sight was beautiful, the sun glistening on the river as it lazily flowed far below. I took photos, but I know they won’t do it justice. I will post them as soon as I can find my photo card.

As we were riding up to the highest point, I was thinking about what it must have been like for the Indians out on the prairie at that time.  It makes me wish I knew which tribe my Great-Great Grandma Mary Francis Westlake belonged to. I makes me wish I could go back to those times (think Laura Ingalls Wilder) in the mid 1800s and live on the “new land.” And, it makes me wish I could share the beauty of Kansas with the rest of the world (since everyone thinks it’s flat). But, then again, maybe I like having it to myself. . .


2 thoughts on “The West

    1. Yes, it is sad. However, I haven’t done a lot of research. Perhaps there is a way to find out. I’ve traced her husband’s side of the family all that way back to England, nearly 12 generations ago. Thanks for your comment!

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