Forensics and Basketball

Forensics season has officially started. Usher in the earlier-than-the-paper-delivery-guy leave times, add blocks of time every day after school to critique kids, and break out the Forensics shirts. Ours are way cool this year. They say, “We’re who Chuck [Norris] calls when he needs back up.” I love it!

This morning I awoke at 4:15, and left by 5:15, to drive two hours further south and west in KS (KS is big) all for three kids to compete in four events. A waste of my time? No. Two of these kids are sophomores who are actually interested in Forensics (one was merely attending to get my communications class requirements out of the way). I’m building my team, and every new experience helps. I was able to work more with these two kids and help them with their pieces, and I believe they are sold about Forensics.

Being sold on Forensics is a unique thing in these “economic crunch” times. One area coach told me that her school board was going to cut the program because it is “frivolous.” That same school board sent three nearly empty vehicles to the same basketball game the other night. No frivolous spending there!

Forensics is far from frivolous, and I’m sad that it has to conflict with basketball so much (the reason only three students went today: Our League bball tourney is this week, and tonight our boys play for the championship!). I am an athlete. I’ve played competitive volleyball for 12 years. But, I believe that Forensics will help a student with more future life and career skills than any sport ever can. (That is, unless you’re a child of Katelyn’s mom, who can make a sports analogy for any life struggle one is facing.) School boards and many admins are obviously blind to the great benefits of Forensics. I’m happy that the ones I work for are still paying our meet fees and transportation bills. It’s a good deal!

So, I’m off to watch the boys play in the championship tonight. I really hope they win. This is the same team we played last year when we lost at Sub-State. Go T-Wolves! The senior boys are constantly asking me if I’m coming to or did come to their games. I love watching them play. It makes me say to myself, “Those are my kids!” in a sort of motherly way. I don’t mind putting in the extra time to watch them. I just need to decide whether or not to ride the loud and bumpy pep bus….for free….or drive myself. Isn’t four hours of driving enough for one day?

p.s. I found out last night which classes will be offered this summer for my Masters degree in English. I was so excited after reading the syllabi and reading lists that I couldn’t make myself go to sleep at 10:00.


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