25 Random Things About Me

1. I am a master at Microsoft Word.
2. I do not have a business mind at all (WHY did I run the concession stand for two years?)
3. I’m becoming more of a techie every day. (My principal told me I was in charge of the laptop carts…YIKES!)
4. I LOVE traveling.
5. If I could go back to college, I would major in communications.
6. The best thing about teaching English is teaching kids to write.
7. I wish I had dear friends within closer distances.
9. I love dress socks, and I love showing them off (it helps when your pants aren’t long enough in the first place.)
10. I enjoy typing in proper MLA Format.
11. I wish I could make a career out of writing.
12. I’ve thought about being a reader for audiobooks.
13. I want to chop my hair off sometime (think: Sharon Stone)
14. One of my greatest passions is PEOPLE.
15. Students can make me cry…when they think I don’t believe in them.
16. I’ve only owned a cell phone for three years.
17. I do not own a TV.
18. I despise horror flicks.
19. I love discussions about how faith interacts with, clashes with, and complements culture and society.
20. I am addicted to reading blogs of people I’m sort of acquainted with but not really.
21. I cannot play basketball to save my life.
22. I blush easily.
23. I have heard multiple stories about the men who are dating me in this small town. (There have been four different ones so far. I just went walking with one of them this weekend! In the 10 degree weather. WOW. I have a great life!)
24. My older brother and I used to be considered twins….then parents of our younger sister…and now boyfriend and girlfriend.
25. I will go anywhere to live in the future, but my heart will always be in North Central KS, preferably in Northern Ottawa Co., on Windmill Rd.


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