Snow Days and Road Trips

It is Wednesday, but I have yet to teach students. Monday and Tuesday were snow days. People estimate we had 26-30 inches of snow here, and it was a blizzard, so huge drifts were everywhere. I’ll try to upload a photo. Then, today, our school hosted League Forensics (TOUGH JOB!). I have one day left before I’m off to see my friends! Katie, Whit, and I are going to the Springs for Heather’s shower. I CAN’T WAIT!! We haven’t been together since August, and we’re long overdue for girl time. Thursday, please fly by quickly and painlessly. :)

  1. 1: my front porch
  2. 2: The front of my house bombarded with snow!
  3. 3: Me in a snow drift. My hand are resting on the top of it. :)