Well, the last post I wrote discussed the issue of leaving or not leaving. Is it possible that, a mere 5 days later, I know which decision to make? So far, I haven’t heard that the guy actually resigned. But, I’ve decided that even if he does, I will not leave here. Several reasons play into this. 

Forensics–My team is good! And, we’re only losing two students to college. So, I’m excited and inspired to do more and better things with them next year! 
Four-Day Week–With the cuts KS has been making for school budgets, our School Board is desperately searching for solutions to stay in the black. A 4-day school week is a real possibility. I would love to get in on that–not only for extra time at home on the weekends, but also to simply experience it. I may be in a position someday where people want to know if a 4-day week is a good idea, etc.

Volleyball–The JH vball coach resigned her position last week. The job pays even more than Forensics, and I’m actually trained to do it! I need to make a decision quickly. Do I want my first two months of school to be INSANE? With Fridays off, it couldn’t be that bad, really! This would be a great time to jump on board and get some true experience at running a team. Then, I can move on from here with that experience under my belt.

Oh, another choice. :)


Forensics and Freedom!

I’ve had a pretty good few weeks. This weekend was State Forensics at Salina. My team placed 8th out of 39 teams! They were awesome, both in their performances and in their behavior on our two day trip. Team members placed 2nd in Prose, 3rd in Oration, 3rd in Improvised Duet Acting; 7th in Humorous Solo; 9th in Poetry; and 10th in Informative speech. Excellent job, T-Wolves!!

It’s been a week since I found out there might be an opportunity to go work for my HS principal next year. He’s been asking me for two years when I was going to come work for him, and I’d love to! Of course, I had decided to stay here one more year, but this possibility was too good to pass up, so I called him and let him know I was definitely interested if the opportunity did arise. There is a teacher at his school who is “looking,” but might not really resign. I agonized over the decision for a few days, made a list of pros and cons, solicited advice from my teacher friends, and finally decided to call. Now the ball is in their court and the situation is in God’s hands. I guess that’s what happens when you make your own plans–God can throw surprises at you, even if they don’t actually come to fruition. 

The pros of staying here mostly revolve around people–all the good kids (and the tough ones who I’m constantly trying to figure out how to inspire), my church family, my teacher friends, and even my landlord (he’s 82 and he rocks!). I guess this all makes sense since I am a people person. However, EVERYONE I’ve asked has told me that I will meet great people anywhere I go. 

The cons of staying here revolve around my career and money. The other position pays more, is closer to more professional development opportunities, the day is shorter with longer class periods, the prep load is smaller, the Administration is great (at least the superintendent!). 

So, I sit and think about it, and I decide I can’t really make this choice. I want to be where God wants me to be. I can serve people anywhere, it’s true, but in the back of my mind, I wonder–is there more here He wants me to do?

On a different note, school is winding down, and I’m anxious to read more of my books for this summer’s classes. I’ve only gotten through one! I have lots of reading to do. The end of May will be a READ-A-THON at my house!