I have had a stupendous time with my family the past two weekends. D&W are home in the Vale for the month of June, mostly helping los padres work on the house in town (we are making lots of progress!). So, I’ve made a point to come home every weekend. We have had Sunday dinner at the dining room table each Sunday. Worship in church has been fantastic (God is awesome and has been faithful to our little congregation!). We have simply just enjoyed hanging out together. I see, in school, here at my summer classes, and in many other places, that this isn’t the norm for families any longer. Oh, how I wish everyone could experience it!

I feel so blessed to have come from a family with such strong ties. We are very imperfect and sometimes dysfunctional, but we know one thing: We love each other. And that bond is strong. And that bond will last. I hope to create half the happiness and “groundedness” my parents have created for us in our family. What a blessing and what a calling that is! Lord, help me to become the kind of mother and wife and sister and daughter that will support and love her family no matter what!


Still a Student!

I’m in my second week of Masters classes in English at Hays. So far, so good. Only one class this month and two the next. I’m hoping to write my three papers from last year during June, along with the paper for this current class–get it done while I’m thinking about it! When I compare this year to last year, I’m blown away by how much more confident, able, and stress-free I am. I know what to expect. The reading is easier since last year’s load truly made me a better (and faster) reader, and taking three classes as opposed to five–FABULOUS!! 

Side note: NEVER read Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. It’s horrendously drawn out and boring. And, ask me in a few weeks to find out for sure, but I’m pretty sure you should never read The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy by Laurence Stern. Reprehensible (seriously, people of the late 1700s did think this!)!! 

I went home last weekend to help mom and dad with their townhouse. Things are coming along nicely. The deadline is August. I think we can do it, but so little of it depends on me. The bulk of the work lies on Dad and Jon’s shoulders. They can insulate, plumb, wire, and do all those technical jobs I have no clue about. They’re so capable! That’s the best part about redoing this house–it’s basically all done by my family!

David and Whitney are going to China in August for two years to teach English. I hope to go visit them, maybe next summer. However, in class yesterday, Dr. Duffy was telling us that if we wanted to go over and teach college courses for Hays, she’d sign us up in a heartbeat. I checked out the towns, and they are about 8-10 hours from where D&W will be. Hmmmm…..maybe I should just do that! August 2010 China? Who knows! That’s the great thing about living this life with my Savior. I don’t plan it all out (much to my chagrin). He has it all set up for me. I just need to get there in one piece! China in 2010? Hmmmmm…..