I have had a stupendous time with my family the past two weekends. D&W are home in the Vale for the month of June, mostly helping los padres work on the house in town (we are making lots of progress!). So, I’ve made a point to come home every weekend. We have had Sunday dinner at the dining room table each Sunday. Worship in church has been fantastic (God is awesome and has been faithful to our little congregation!). We have simply just enjoyed hanging out together. I see, in school, here at my summer classes, and in many other places, that this isn’t the norm for families any longer. Oh, how I wish everyone could experience it!

I feel so blessed to have come from a family with such strong ties. We are very imperfect and sometimes dysfunctional, but we know one thing: We love each other. And that bond is strong. And that bond will last. I hope to create half the happiness and “groundedness” my parents have created for us in our family. What a blessing and what a calling that is! Lord, help me to become the kind of mother and wife and sister and daughter that will support and love her family no matter what!


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