Summer Slips Away

Yesterday I found out I have only four weeks of summer left.

My school is going to a four-day week next year! Teachers report on August 10 (Dad’s Bday!) and we get kids for half a day on August 11. Needless to say, I’m getting prepared for panic mode. Can I get it all done?

I need to finish my summer classes here. Midterms are tomorrow, and I still have four books to get through, three movies to watch, and I really want to write at least two papers before I leave.

I need to help mom and dad finish the house and move in. I’ve gone home every weekend this summer, but I won’t be going home this weekend. I’m going to be more intentional when I am home to help them. There is a lot to be done! So far, it looks fabulous. I am in awe of my mom’s decorating sense and style, my dad’s ability to figure out plumbing and electricity, Jon’s ability to figure out the way things work, David’s work ethic, Whitney’s giving spirit, and Emily’s ability to wash walls (and make us laugh). It’s my great-grandfather’s house. My family is putting it back together. That is so special! What a story to tell my children. What meaningful family reunions will be held there in years to come!

I need to begin planning for the school year. As I type that, the clouds form. I have one less prep next year (and one less day of contact per week), but I’m still nervous about whether or not I’m teaching what needs to be taught, in the way it needs to be taught. Don’t become a teacher unless you’re okay with failure and trying again. :)
Okay, back to the books. Mythology, here I come! Trickster Tales and The Mahabharata.


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