Curiosity killed the deadline . . .

I’ve not written lately. There is no excuse or reason for the lack of writing.

Last night, I made myself a schedule, so I would accomplish everything I needed to today. This is all in an attempt to knock down two more papers before the end of the year (then, I’ll only have three left!).

I’m certainly not on schedule at this point. It’s 3:30 in the afternoon, and I only have two things completed instead of seven. But, let me tell you why. Let me rationalize this and explain away my reasons for so frequently being unproductive.

I am, by nature, a curious person. Blame it on growing up with very few TV stations, on a farm. With a mother who read to me and had me reading chapter books in 1st grade. And a creative father who took me with him as he worked on the farm. Oh, the questions I would ask him!

So, pair this curiosity with a wealth of information at one’s fingertips via the Internet and what do you get?

A dead deadline.

Is that an oxymoron?

All I was doing was grading the seniors’ critical article summaries, and what do I discover via the Internet?

Richard Wright might have been gay; Langston Hughes might have been gay; the definition of narratee; Margaret Atwood has written some strange books; SparkNotes has flash cards.

And, then the wretched facebook time (which is always a spark to the curiosity!) led me to Interesting website. Nathaniel Hawthorne would be proud, but the Puritans would hate it!

Okay, back to the books. #3 here I come!



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