Evidence Not Seen

I recently read a book my cousin gave me several years ago for Christmas. Evidence Not Seen is written by Darlene Diebler Rose, a woman who went at the age of 22 with her husband open up Papua New Guinea to missionaries. They went there shortly before WWII began and ended up in the middle of the conflict, thrown into Japanese prison camps, where Darlene remained for three years and her husband died. I cried several times while reading the book, sometimes out of sadness for the turn of events, but other times out of joy when I was reminded of God’s promises to us and His faithfulness throughout any struggles we come across. And, Darlene’s stores of scripture she had memorized which brought her comfort and inspiration during times when she couldn’t have her Bible or was sitting in a jail cell. The book reminded me of the importance of reading God’s word and the lack of effort I have put forth in that category, lately. Another thing I really appreciated about the book was Rose’s advanced vocabulary and flowing writing style. Beautiful story!

Sometimes I find it frustrating that here in America we become so callous to the work that God can do. We don’t even give him a chance to come through for us in difficult times. Rather, we try to fix these situations on our own. We are SO independent in the US! I wish we could be more dependent. I wish I could be more dependent.




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