A Post a Day?

I got an interesting idea this evening. Maybe I’ll make one post per day for a month. Today’s post is about food.

I’ve been eating very little of it lately. This is sort of because I don’t have very much in my house. This is sort of because I only have about 20 dollars left to spend on food until November 15th. I’ve been taking a Dave Ramsey course, and this is my first month on my budget. I only budgeted $95 for food (including dining). We’ll see how it ends up. I might be eating lots of PBJs by Nov. 15th. Oh well. I want to see if I can do it. I will probably budget more next month.

Sometimes, my lack of food in the house concerns me a bit. I don’t eat much meat. I certainly don’t make myself complete meals. I will have to change a lot once I have a husband, I suppose. But, for now, this is fine. It’s not like I’m always hungry. I just eat enough. And, as I’ve been learning in our James MacDonald study in SS class, we should let Enough be Enough.



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