Being Responsible

In the days of my father, I’m sure permission slips weren’t a requirement. I must still be back in those days because I neglected to send out a permission slip with the letter telling parents about our research trip to Hays. Hence, several students decided they would drive up on their own, which my Principal said was fine. . . until he found out over half the class would be driving up. So, I’ve spent the last two hours calling every senior parent giving them this spiel about how the students need to ride the bus and if they don’t, the school relinquishes all responsibility of them.

I would much rather live in a world of oblivious bliss, where nobody wrongfully blames anyone else for accidents.

I’m praying that all the students will be safe if they drive up tomorrow.
And, I’m very thankful for the students who chose to ride the bus in the first place. They’ve common sense.



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