I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s telling people what to do. Maybe it’s being someone I’m not. Maybe it’s that when I was a little girl, I was extremely dramatic. And, maybe I still am. Mom could tell you!

It could also be that I’ve grown more comfortable in front of people in these first few years of teaching. And, it’s that teaching is 10% knowledge and 90% acting.

I love acting.

I love teaching students how to act.

I love watching great actors.

If I could go back to college, I would be a Communications/Theatre major!

Our kids are putting on “Grease” this weekend. Mr. Rogers, the music teacher, asked me to come in and help with blocking and acting. I absolutely love sitting there watching what needs to be changed, tweaked, fixed, and made more dramatic. And, it is the BEST thing ever when the students nail their part after I told them how to do it!

I’m getting excited about the Forensics season! Today I cut out letters for my bulletin board–FORENSICS!!!! Top six at State, here we come!!


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