Fog, Words, and Budgets

Tonight I’m thankful that the musical rehearsal didn’t last quite as long. And, it’s densely foggy outside, so my Internet is working faster than ever. It’s a good evening.

I was just defining all the vocabulary for The Whale Rider, and I came across skirmish. Isn’t that a great word? Say it several times. It just tumbles out of your mouth, much like a skirmish would involve tumbling! I should use it in class tomorrow!

I put together my Nov/Dec budget tonight. The Gifts category was a bit tricky, since I’ve only been saving for gifts for two months. This month’s budget is a bit lopsided in places. Oct/Nov went okay, but I still spent all the money in my checking account, taking it from categories that need to be saved up each month for when the expense comes (like car insurance, renter’s insurance, and tires). So, next month’s goal is to put all the unused categories in savings so I won’t spend them.

Oh, and I will have food left come Friday when I get my paycheck. But, I’m upping next month’s food budget quite a bit, to account for holiday cooking and meals at HOME! I mean my REAL home, not here in this house I’m currently sitting in. I can’t wait for a break from school and time to spend with family!


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