Single Life

The worst time to be single is when it’s 6:00 in the evening on a mid-Autumn day, there’s no food in the fridge, you don’t feel like trying to be creative by using what food there is, but yet you don’t really want to go into a restaurant and sit and eat alone.

However, I’m going to look at the bright side of things. I don’t like to go out to eat much (in order to save money), but at least when I need to go out to eat I have the money.

And, I love the Kremee’s chicken fried chicken sandwiches!

Question today from one of my students: “Did you ever want to write a book?”

I have before. I still do, particularly when I leaf through my Creative Writing notebook from college and read Dr. Gannon’s notes on my writing. One of them was: “You are ready for full-blown stories.”

I’ve always thought it would be neat to write a biography of Dr. Eva Gilger, a woman from my hometown who went as a missionary to Kenya and started a girls’ school, which is still up and running. Missionary stories can be so inspiring. And, it’s amazing to think about a lady from our small corner of the world doing something that big!

Or, a story about life in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Imagine the changes those people saw, with cars, planes, cameras, and radio. It must have been overwhelming. Yet, they may have been too busy with their daily lives to notice much. A snippet of news from my hometown paper in the 100 years ago section stated “Mrs. Charles Fuller” had collided with a motorcycle as she drove her buggy down the road. Can you imagine??????!!!!!!




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