I haven’t been home since Labor Day. I really miss my family. Just talking to them today made me really excited to go home (besides the fact that I’m going to help them move into our new house in town).

About the house, it is the same

This is a photo of the downstairs in progress.

house my great-grandpa Jettie LeRoy Fuller moved into it in the 60s. He moved from the same house I grew up in on the farm. There is a lot of special meaning behind this move. I’m so excited it’s happening!


One thought on “Family

  1. Sorry to correct you but G&G moved to town in the 60’s. Jon should finish the countertops today and maybe the sink. We got a closet organizer set like Emily’s so we can install that. Dad got the register covers, wooden ones, they will look nice. It’s all coming together!!!!!! Yea!

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