Our “New” House

I can’t believe we’re finally here! Mom, Dad, and Emily are mostly moved into the house, which is nearly completed. There is still trim to put up, a loose end here or there, and a few bobbles to fix, but for the most part it’s finished! My parents bought the house in December of 2006. And, three years (and lots of sweat, blood and tears) later, here we are!

Each of my family members had a special role in gutting and remodeling the house.

Dad was the demolition man and the head electrician. He also tackled the plumbing, which I know saved a TON of money! I so admire his ability to understand how mechanical things work and his constant discipline to keep working even when he has already had a full day of work.

Mom is a very creative person, and without her inspiration, the house wouldn’t look nearly as fabulous as it does. She is so good at picking out designs or decor that will look good, and she can find excellent bargains online and at auctions or garage sale. I hope I will have at least half of her decorating sense someday!

Jon has been the main construction man since January when his boss retired from the mechanic industry. When he wasn’t farming, you could find him in here putting up drywall, building cabinets, assembling toilets, hooking up appliances, and just about anything else you can name. His mind works mechanically, too. He is able to do just about anything with his hands when it comes to building and dealing with mechanical things.

David and Whitney painted over 3/4 of the house during the summer of 2009. David has worked for Whitney’s stepfather, Andy, a professional painter for two summers. Their paint job looks amazing throughout the house in the warm colors mom chose. Also, they were willing to try any new thing, such as putting up ceiling wallpaper or ceiling tiles. We wouldn’t be here by this date had they not given up part of their summer to help us!

Emily has been the gopher for three years. I think she is tiring of it! But, I know that she is thrilled to have her own room decorated just the way she wants. She also loves to use the brand new kitchen to bake us her wonderful chocolate chip cookies. She has also learned a lot about house renovations and I know this will benefit her in the future. She has been a big help when she wasn’t busy with school or youth group activities.

I’ve only helped when able to come home from school and my master’s classes. It hasn’t been much, but I have provided as much help as I could. I am glad I made the trip up last week to help move, as Jon and I were able to take the load off Dad’s shoulders (he had a terrible hip pain that day) and help Mom prepare for her jewelry party.

All in all, this project has been a stretching, challenging, fun, stressful, entertaining, and worthwhile project. I’m glad we are able to keep this house in the Fuller family! I’m glad we were able to do most of the wrok ourselves. And, I’m exceedingly glad that, although it’s no longer a farmhouse in Ottawa County in Sherman Township on Windmill Rd., I still have a place to call home.



2 thoughts on “Our “New” House

  1. hey!!! i primed and painted the first coat of the stairway and hall, living room, and dining room!! i did a lot of the painting!!

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