So Thankful

I didn’t start out college with plans to continue on to a masters degree. But, I think observing my brilliant professors, being challenged by the reading I was doing, and learning how to research effectively really pushed me to the place where a Master of English was the natural next step. I’m extremely grateful for many of the details that God has worked out concerning this degree. 1) My district refunds $100 per credit hour.  2) Hays has the lowest tuition cost of all the State Universities in KS. So my cost is about $65 bucks per credit hour.  3) I found a summer program (difficult for any teacher to find, let alone English teachers!)  4) Hays is closer to home, which means I could leave town for the entire summer and get in quality family time!    5) This year, the 4-day school week has allowed me much-needed extra time to work on my papers.

I sent in my second paper this past Tuesday (the snow day helped a bit), and I drove to Hays today to return my students’ borrowed books for their term paper and to work on my own research. I found several good sources and organized my papers and files. Another paper will be finished before December is over with!  I love to look back on the way things happen in life when you get to clearly see where God was in all of it. He takes care of me more than I can even begin to realize!

On NPR tonight, Matt Damon did an interview for a movie he’s starring in about South Africa’s struggle to win the Rugby World Cup in 1995, amidst political struggle with SA’s first black President, Nelson Mandela, played by Morgan Freeman (LOVE HIM!). It’s called Invictus. I REALLY want to see it. Another one that looks good is Blind Side, starring Sandra Bullock. I heard the other day that in her research for the film, she met the first true Christian she has ever met–the lady she portrays in the film.

So, let’s put these on the queue Mom and Emily. Or, let’s just have a girls’ night out!! :)


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