Three Things

Today was the first day back to school. After finally getting my lessons prepared over the weekend, I was excited to begin a new semester, with even more for the kids to learn than last year. But, I was greeted in nearly every class with a very negative attitude. Comments like, “I wish this were my senior year” and “I’m going to drop out” were the order of the day. I guess one thing they don’t tell you in education training is that you might be going to a pretty negative place some days. Par for the course. I’m not going to let it dampen my enthusiasm for teaching kids how to read and write. And teaching BEOWULF!!! We start that tomorrow. YAY!

Is it bad to have eaten an entire box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (12 oz. Kroger kind, which I highly recommend even over the original) in just four days? I bought it on Thursday evening and finished it on Sunday evening–oh, that’s only three days!  I guess I just love having cereal for breakfast and supper . . . and lunch?

As I was preparing supper I noticed my height again and thought of Julie & Julia. Julia Child was 6’2″, just like me. Many of the shots of Streep in the film hilariously reminded me of myself in my kitchen. You see, the counter comes up to just above my mid-thigh. It is ridiculously short! The vanity in the bathroom is the same way! I’ve told mom several times that when I get married, I want to have custom built counters and sinks! Oh, that would be wonderful!

Okay, off to review the facts of the history of the English language and Beowulf! :)


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