Tim Tebow

After discovering this guy about a month ago (I know, I know, he’s a bit legendary, but, hey, I don’t have a TV!), I’ve been so encouraged in my beliefs and values in life. He stands up for what he believes and seeks out ways to help people. He is who he says he is. Of all the males I’ve met in my life, the ones I respect and love the most are the ones who are who they say they are. I hope to marry a man someday who is who he says he is. Integrity. That’s what it is.

Lots of writers are focusing on how Tebow embodies what we really demand of our celebrities. We want to know what they think about issues, we want to see them stand up for their beliefs, and we want to see them be real. Tim Tebow is that. So much so that he has agreed to help Focus on the Family make a Super Bowl commercial about their organization.

This is really big in the news right now. Just google “Tim Tebow commercial” and you will find many, many interesting articles about it. Not only does the ad come from an organization many view as too conservative and right wing (too polarizing. . .go figure, a Christian organization is too polarizing. . .), but also the ad touches on the topic of choosing life over abortion. Now, it isn’t clear how much of a pro-life message is evident in the ad (since nobody has actually seen it), but if you read about how some of the women’s groups are responding, you would think this commercial is screaming obscenities at women who have chosen abortion.

All I can think about is how much we need to pray in this situation. Pray for Tebow, that he would be strong and continue to live in the world, but not of it. Pray for Focus, that they would be able to weather the storm of controversy and then the flood of business they receive after the commercial from families who need help. God is doing something big in our culture war with these events. Pray for all involved, and be encouraged in your beliefs!


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