Time for a Change

It’s official. I’m moving in May! I resigned from my teaching job last week

I’m going to rent my grandparents’ house for a year as they transition into an apartment (where Grandma can more easily care for Grandpa, who has Parkinson’s) and as my Uncle Bill prepares to move his family back to Sterling for good. I’m excited to be able to help out my family, but I’m also excited for a new adventure, and for being closer to home. I haven’t enjoyed being all alone four hours away from home for almost four years.

Now, the search is on. I have found only one English opening near Sterling. It’s about 20 miles away, and the school is small just like South Central. I’m a bit leery of picking up too many preps again, but if this is the only job that is open, I’m going to have to take what I can get. If a job doesn’t open up or I don’t get the ones I apply for, I think I will sub every day. I’m not sure how all the details are going to work out if I don’t have a constant paycheck, but I suppose I can always learn to waitress or work at a store, if needed.

I am trusting in God to provide me with whatever it is I need next year. Meanwhile, I’ll be home this summer! Can’t wait to hang out with my family and work on the farm and have a nice long break from the daily work of teaching.


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