Washington, D.C.

I have a new favorite city. I haven’t been to all that many cities in the U.S., but D.C. is at the top of the list. Although I was leading 14 students around the city (sometimes getting lost), I still enjoyed the history that surrounded us at all times. All the monuments, Mount Vernon, Arlington Cemetery, Arlington House, the Capitol, the White House. Walking in the same places our forefathers walked. Seeing the places these great men sat and thought about the ideas and principles our republic would be built on. At times, it was overwhelming. And very inspiring.

So often, I take for granted the amazing freedoms I have in America. I think many people don’t understand the sacrifices that have been made to maintain our freedom. They don’t understand the enormous pressure and risk our forefathers were taking when they gave birth to our nation. This ignorance causes apathy and negative attitudes toward government. Which in turn lessens involvement in the government, causing the minority to rule when the majority should rule. It’s such a delicate balance, really.

I probably won’t go back to D.C. with students, but I will definitely go back again! Every American should be required to take this trip!


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