Job Searching

I’m searching for a job. This is a first for me. So far, I’m not stressed out about it. There has only been one rejection. I’m waiting on two schools to call me for an interview. Things will be fine. I am a bit surprised about the time and effort job searching requires. Filling out repetitive forms, contacting your references for recommendations, scheduling interviews and going through with them. One of the prospective jobs might have a volleyball coaching position. This really excites me! Watching our girls play this year, with so much talent, but needing a bit more coaching, was difficult for me. I almost wanted to be out there!

My first real coaching experience was as an Asst. Freshman coach while I was student teaching. It was exhausting, and I wasn’t even in charge until October when the head coach had her baby. I found out that it takes a lot of energy and focus. Just like playing volleyball, but definitely with more emotion and brains put into it. As a fifth-year teacher (which I will be next August), I will be in a better position to handle a head coaching job. And, I’m glad I’ve had the experience of building up a Forensics program. Some of those ideas and methods will transfer over to a volleyball job.

Speaking of Forensics, my team went 2nd in the League tournament last week! They did such a great job! We’ve had a successful season, qualifying 10 (one more than last year) events for the state tournament in Salina. I’m so excited for that big meet, and I hope my students beat out some of our rivals from this league at State! :)