This one’s for you, Madre.

Mom told me I should blog again. I suppose she’s right. After a crazy first nine weeks here at my new school, I’m settling in pretty well. Here’s  list of new things I know:

1. I love coaching volleyball. More than I love teaching. Crazy? Nope. I love it!

2. Middle school girls are hilarious. They made me laugh every day at practice!

3. I’m a competitive person. Twice this year, we were up 24 or 23 to 9, and I turned to Randy, my assistant coach, and said, “We can’t let them score another point. I want to beat them 25-9.” We did. Twice. (But, I didn’t realize I was that ruthless?)

4. Winning a tournament championship is more fun as a coach than it is as a player!

5. Losing a match (yes, we only lost ONE this season!) is worse for a coach than a player.

6. I love adolescents. Not adolescence, mind you. Adolescents. Even when they are difficult. It is so fun to figure out what makes them tick, how to motivate them, how to encourage them, and how to inspire them to become better in everything.

7. God brought me here for a reason. My superintendent (with a little help from God) convinced me to help bring FCA back to the school. We had our first huddle tonight.

8. What other reason am I on earth than to share the message of Christ with people? That was the “help from God” my superintendent had. After he asked me if I would lead it, I very quickly said, “No.” But, he and his wife told me to pray about it, and it just hit me one night. I need to do this. Ever since then, people have come out of the woodwork, so to speak, to help me! This is God’s plan. I’m so thankful to be used by Him!

9. No matter where I go, I will love the people there. I have missed my old friends and students more than I thought I would! This past weekend was a blast, catching up with some of them at Dave’s! :) I laughed until my abs hurt and I was almost crying. Thanks, Willards!!

10. In year five of teaching, things are easier. I don’t stay at the school nearly as long anymore! Life is good!

11. When professors tell you the project you spent so many day’s worth of hours on was “splendid,” tears can ensue. One more paper down. Four to go. :)