Writing Essays

If I passed my comprehensive exam, which I’ll find out about this Monday, I will be able to graduate in May. Well . . . that’s a bit too simple of a statement. . .

I have three essays (read: 35 pages) to write before I can graduate in May.

I have 5 1/2 weeks from now until May 1, which is the deadline for these papers.

If my calculations are correct, that’s about one page per day.

So, why can’t I think of a topic?

SERIOUS WRITER’S BLOCK! This is the only complaint I have about getting my Master’s through a summer program that allows nearly unlimited extensions on papers (after six years, the uncompleted course will not count). I wish I had been forced to decide the topic of each of these term papers while in the class because now, I’m beginning to panic.

Actually, I DID have a topic for this first paper I’m working on (South African Lit), but while researching and writing notes (I already had three paragraphs of the paper written!), I found an article that basically argues the very point I was going to try to tackle. Way more eloquently than I could have done, too. I need to find an oddball topic that nobody has talked about before. Any ideas? :)

The bad part about the whole deal is that Spring Break ends in a few days. And I have accomplished very little towards completing these three papers.


C’est la vie.