The Sixth Year

Well, I have officially kicked off my sixth year of teaching and coaching Forensics, along with my second year of coaching volleyball! The first week went well despite some health issues I had. I survived!

The best part about teaching is the kids. Once they were finally in my room on Thursday, I got an extra burst of energy. I’m so excited to get to know them! At this school, I get a new crop of students every year since I teach Freshmen and Juniors.

The best part about coaching volleyball happened on Friday, our fifth day of practice. My middle schoolers this year are quite inexperienced in volleyball, and some are inexperienced in simply exercising and moving their bodies! So, we have a lot of work to do! But, the first day we did this certain passing drill, they only had 16 or 18 good passes. On Friday, they started the drill off with 5 perfect passes in a row (followed by an outburst of cheering and encouragement from the whole team) and ended up getting 28 good passes! So, it felt like things finally came together a bit, which was a huge encouragement to me. We haven’t even learned about hitting, blocking, or digging yet, since we needed to work so much on serving and passing. But, that is middle school volleyball for you. I LOVE getting to teach them from the start how to play correctly!


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