I didn’t renew my subscription to the online dating site. Maybe I’ll try it again sometime, but for now I’m just done.

It is a bit time consuming (probably just because I’m one of those people who like to get my money’s worth, so I make full ((too much?)) use of it). Mostly, though, three months was more than enough for me. I actually did meet several quality guys and we emailed or chatted online. One of them I met in person, twice. He is fantastic, but I’m not sure we’re going to go anywhere. Time will tell. Maybe I’ll tell the whole story sometime. :) I have lots of tips for anyone thinking they want to try online dating, but I won’t pontificate about them here (I’ve used that word entirely too much today). For now, a few things that bug me about online dating:

  • Winking smilies. I now seem to use them in e-mails all the time, whereas before they were reserved for only very sarcastic lines. Ugh. It’s so girly of me. ;)
  • Guys who don’t fill out the short answer questions. The site I was using gives you a seven-day trial. How hard is it to tell at least a few sentences about yourself, even if you’re not going to pay for the service?
  • People who don’t post photos. Duh. It’s a DATING site! How can you not post a photo of yourself?

And, since I don’t want to be negative Nancy–a few things I really liked about online dating:

  • The people who were really real on their profiles. They honestly and frankly described themselves, even some of their negative traits.
  • The many types of people I came across. Some of them were a bit quirky, which made me laugh; others were very successful and driven, which made me think, “How in the world is this person not married yet?”; still, others had come from very different cultures and backgrounds. I guess, since I love people anyway, I find this type of thing very interesting.
  • The shared element of Christian faith (I used a distinctly Christian-owned site) encouraged me quite a bit. I haven’t encountered a whole lot of single men around my age who actually care about going to church, serving others, and loving God.

I think I’ve learned a few things about myself through this experience, too. It has been good. As I said before, I don’t know why I didn’t try this out sooner! :)


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