Invisible Children

My senior year in college, I watched a documentary about the Invisible Children of Uganda, children who were forced to spend every night walking away from their villages to a safe place where they wouldn’t be abducted by a rebel army who wanted to turn them into child soldiers. The documentary was quite inspiring because it featured three guys about my age who happened upon these children while they were on a filming adventure in Africa. It shocked them so much they came back to the US with plans to do something about it.

That was in 2003; I watched their documentary in 2005 or 2006; today, Invisible Children has grown into a non-profit organization that has been working hard to get the US and world governments to do something about the terrorist Joseph Kony’s reign via his “Lord’s Resistance Army.”  The LRA has been terrorizing Central Africa for 20 years, but these three young Americans almost singlehandedly brought the world’s attention on him, and the LRA’s power has been weakened significantly. You can track information about what is going on with this at another Invisible Children website.

Sometimes I wish I could go somewhere that far away and do something that big. Africa has been on my mind lately for a few reasons. . . our church is going to use one week’s worth of offering to build a water well in an African country, and I know a missionary couple working in Uganda who I’d love to visit. And, I’ve always dreamed about writing a book about Dr. Eva Gilger, a missionary woman from my hometown who spent 50 (FIFTY) years in Kenya, caring for orphans and starting a girls’ school.

Maybe I need to start planning a trip!


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