I Am Rich

Pastor Tim started a series at church called “How To Be Rich,” and during the first sermon he shared this website. www.globalrichlist.com It tells you how your income measures up compared to the rest of the world. When I enter how much I make per year, I am in the top 4% of richest people in the world. FOUR PERCENT.

You should check it out to see how rich you are. :)

The best thing about this site the social commentary it brings to mind. I mean, yes we are all rich compared to today’s world population, but we certainly don’t feel rich! If we compare ourselves to many of those around us, we could make the case that we aren’t rich. We are often just getting by month to month. But, step outside of that thinking for just a moment. What are we doing with our money? Are we spending it on things we truly need?

I think the overwhelming majority of Americans would say we are wasting our money on things we don’t need; however, those same people won’t take any steps to change their habit.

Just some thoughts about wealth, materialism, and simplicity.

From a rich person, mind you, so listen up! :)

What could you do with $40 per month? Sponsor a child through World Hope International! https://www.worldhope.org/  I have a little girl named Prerana from Nepal.

My brother and sister-in-law donated money in my name to World Vision to provide educational supplies to children in poor countries. Best Christmas gift EVER! http://www.worldvision.org/ Thanks Dave and Whit!

In high school, I sponsored a child from Brazil through Compassion International, another great organization. It was $28 per month back then, but I’m sure it has gone up! Check it out! http://www.compassion.com/default.htm

Sharing to influence someone’s life in a more positive way is far better than spending my money on something I don’t really need.


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