You Never Regret It

Running has become a sort of hobby for me over the past six years. I say “sort of” because it comes and goes in spurts. The most regular I have been about running was my last summer of grad classes at Hays. I got up every morning before class for three weeks straight (21 days makes a habit, right?), with the simple goal of running a bit further each day. This experience stretched and built my stamina and prepared me to run a 5K (quite the feat for this girl who was told by her high school track coach that she “ran like a girl,” and who has been accused of walking around like an infant giraffe, and who has never been a fast sprinter, runner, or jogger).

However, the week of the first 5K I was going to run happened to fall after a string of exhausting events: I moved to a new town, injured my knee by tripping over the smooth, flat pavement (Hey, I never said I was good at running!) started a new job, and began coaching volleyball. I promptly allowed running regularly to fall by the wayside.

And you all know how easy it is to let a discipline nearly disappear from your life. And it’s hard to get back into it! Since then, I had become a more regular runner (as regular as running four to ten times a month can be), until this year. I believe I allowed four and a half months to roll by without running. I’ve done a lot of walking, but I just had no will to run.

All of that changed last Tuesday when I made myself get out there and see how far I could run in thirty minutes. I ran an average of 11.5 minutes per mile for 30 minutes. WOW, did it feel good! My legs were feeling the burn as I ran, and I’ve been sore every day since then. I did it again today and ran even further!

I now have regained that feeling I used to get as an athlete which I can’t quite put into words. It’s probably just my muscles repairing themselves after I’ve stretched and torn them from their semi-sedentary state, but honestly, it feels GOOD. I want more! I can’t wait to get out there and run again on Monday! One of my friends once said something to the effect of “No matter how little I wanted to get out of bed to go running, I never regret going out for a run.” It’s so true. After runs, I think more clearly, I’m less stressed, I am more positive, I make better food choices, and I get more accomplished. I hope to put all of this work into a road race or two before I turn 30 in September! :)


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