Oh, hey, blog.

What’s this blog thing I have?

I’ve had many topics to write about in the past few months, but until two weeks ago, no time to write about them, and since then, no motivation. I have been and still am waiting for that urge of inspiration, which forms my best posts.

Something that has been on my mind lately is the wonder and beauty of being 18. I’m just loving my seniors this year (as usual!) because there is just something about being 18. . . I know I don’t want that entire year of my life back (angst to the max!), but I’d love to have some of the amazing moments and feelings and energy of that year back. Good times! And I wish I could sit and observe myself back then, knowing what I know now, and thinking of how that young girl would prepare herself for her future. If I’d told my 18-year-old self where I would be here in 2014, I’m sure I would have a) yelled at myself that I was wrong and b) cried and worried a lot. But, being here where I am now is no crying matter, and it’s JUST RIGHT for me. It is a good thing that we aren’t told our futures, for it would change too much of our pasts. (Sidenote: Think about that in an Interstellar way (oh my, there’s a blog topic! Have you SEEN that movie? AMAZING! One of the few movies I’d like to go see again in the theatre!)

An eighteen year old, according to our society, is entering adulthood. I’m sure 18 year olds today are much less mature and responsible than the 18 year olds of my mother’s and grandmother’s generations; yet, in some ways, today’s 18 year olds are more mature and responsible. They sure have to deal with a lot more. Life isn’t nearly as simple as it used to be, and there is so much more that we know now.

I think the best thing about an 18 year old is the unlimited possibilities that lie ahead for him or her. I am so anxious to see where these students of mine end up. How they grow and change and succeed. And, at the same time, I wish we could just stop time right now and enjoy the wonder of their 18 year old lives right now. There’s just something about being 18.