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Book Review: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

If you’ve never read Kingsolver’s writing, you are missing out on brilliance. The only other book I’ve read by her is Animal Dreams, but The Poisonwood Bible is waiting on my shelf. Those two are fictional (and full of symbols and epic family story lines), but Animal, Vegetable, Miracle is a non-fiction work about Kingsolver’s … Continue reading


The Rain

I love rain. I don’t know if it comes from living on a farm, where rain is so important and usually the main topic of conversation with dad, especially on summer mornings, or whether it’s from the imprint that times of drought left on my impressionable young mind. For instance, the summer of 2002, I … Continue reading


The Wind

It’s one of those blustery, gusting Spring days. The powerful gusts of wind make it much colder outside and louder inside. Compound this wind with the low thick clouds, and you’ve got a recipe for a bit of depression. Usually the wind bugs me. But, today, it’s a wind of anticipation. I’ve tried numerous times … Continue reading